I need to figure out a better way of transporting groceries, because this is the second time lately that I’ve carried A MILLION POUNDS of groceries back from Whole Foods.  Also each time I do that I regret spending so much money at Whole Foods.  I did get a lot of food, though, which I’ll need.

Before Whole Foods, I went to the Athenaeum and checked out a Gail Carson Levine book I hadn’t read yet, plus an American Girl book about a character that was invented after it was my time to read about her.  This, of course, is prompted by the fact that Levine is going to be at the book festival I’m going to tomorrow.

All I want to do now is get into bed with my book and maybe have some soup.  Very tired out from walking in the rain with a bunch of heavy bags.

I only just found out about a big used bookstore that’s actually really close to where I live here… I was talking about it for like 5 minutes to Chris when he says, “There’s one on ___ Street” …. The very bookstore I had just described to him, address included.  Thanks for listening, bro.  It didn’t have the book I wanted to buy and I was in a hurry because I had to go meet with my group (though that didn’t end up happening), so I didn’t look around too much, but I’m glad to know about it.  I’ll definitely go back when I have more time.

The other day, I was looking at this skirt (which I want but should not buy because I have spent enough money on clothing) and thinking about the pattern:

This tiny-flowers pattern is very appealing to me because it reminds me of the dresses I wore as a little girl.  I started wondering if perhaps that was why it was in style… the generation that is buying this sort of pattern is nostalgic for the time they wore it in childhood.

Also, Kirsten was my favorite American Girl (even though Molly was my doll).  I wonder if this has anything to do with it.  One of my floral dresses was a light blue like Kirsten’s.


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Washing away stress

Today I finally took care of the haircut issue.  I hadn’t had one all summer, I don’t even remember the last one I got, so this was a very pressing need.  I got my ends cleaned up with a $10 trim at the mall.

While there I went to Lush for de-stressing materials and used just about everything I got in the shower just now.  Retread conditioner (free sample), some sort of foot scrub thing that is a green foot-shaped bar, a sugar scrub, and Porridge soap (free sample).  When I got out of the shower I used the Soft Coeur massage bar (which I guess is like a solid lotion situation and seriously smells like it came from a box of Valentine chocolates, like maybe that white chocolate with raspberry filling or something).  Everything smells like sugar cookies and cinnamon and oatmeal and coconut and chocolate and maybe bubble gum a little bit, all with a sort of earthy organic quality to the smell.   That is what I smell like right now and also my hair feels really soft.  Definitely put me in a better mood, since before the shower I was thinking “I don’t want to make this artist book right now, I just want to go to bed, why can’t I ever go to bed when I want to,” which is how I knew it was time to shower.  The Lush shower definitely did the job it was intended to do!

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Actually I ended up feeling more out of place than ever in the queer class, which was surprising but at the same time I don’t know what else I was expecting… I somehow felt even more alone being a lesbian than usual.  It was actually upsetting, because I thought it would be one place I’d be comfortable.

The entire weekend I have obviously been wanting to work but not quite knowing how to go about it, studio-wise, though I have been paying attention to Latin.  I wish I could just drop a studio and have Latin count as an Illustration credit, but that is a ridiculous wish.  If I had just gotten into the studio I wanted as a freshman, or as a sophomore, for Wintersession, I really could drop a studio.  (I know… even in the year that had first registration, I couldn’t get the winter studio I wanted. )  Looks like I’m just going to have to learn how to use a camera/develop film/work in the dark… not to mention pay a $200 lab/materials fee, because this education isn’t expensive enough yet.

Our fridge does not stay cold (or close easily), so all my fruits and vegetables are going bad, it’s really great.  As a result I am eating a meatloaf sandwich from the dining hall plus chocolatey things as my dinner.   How healthy!  I had some dried papaya, too, but the kind here is really dry and sugary, so.

I did the translation for Latin yesterday and studied noun endings today for the vocab quiz.  Turns out I knew them better than I thought I did! I looked over the syllabus and actually got excited to see exams listed.  It’s just so nice to sometimes be out of the art bubble.

Yesterday I was craving loukoumades (Greek donuts) again and seriously considered making them.  Maybe sometime I’ll learn!

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Studios have started – I’ve only had two.  One is Photo, which is scary.  The other, on artist’s books, seemed like it would be very nice.  The first class meeting felt a little bit like a garden party.  I’m about to go to an interdisciplinary queer/environment/studio class instead of the printmaking one I thought I’d do… There are a few reasons for this:

1. I have realized that no matter how much I want a certain class at registration time, I will always, when school starts, stick with the one I originally registered for instead of the one I wanted to switch into.
2. I can’t imagine not having a class in the liberal arts building.
3. Learning new techniques/equipment is kind of a mental block to doing work for me sometimes…
4. I do just sort of want to have another class that involves queer stuff/ making queer art without feeling awkward.

After loving that Lush shower experience, I got a stomach virus, and while I did not use any of the Lush products while sick so I wouldn’t associate sickness with the scent… that’s exactly what happened.  Now I can’t seem to get the smell off of my hair and bought a super-different-smelling shampoo in order to stop this.

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Let’s go to the mall!

Besides watching How I Met Your Mother (I can finally appreciate Neil Patrick Harris’s work?), I went to the mall today.  I wanted to try out Lush’s solid shampoo, because apparently other shampoos do bad things to your hair (the one I had was 99 cents, so probably it was not so great), and solid shampoos have the most environmentally friendly packaging since they have no packaging.  They’re also supposed to last a long time and getting something that smells pretty from Lush is fun.  I went in hoping they might have their “Little Green Bag” gift bag that has a whole bunch of haircare/bath products in it for a good value, but that was not there so I checked out the shampoo bars on their own.  The ones I was looking at online didn’t smell as great as I thought they would in person, but I did like the scent of the Juniper one, which one of the employees recommended to me when I said I basically just wanted something that would clean my hair really well.  She then recommended the Veganese conditioner to go with it, so I got the smallest bottle of that to see how I liked it.  At the counter, I also picked up their Honey Trap lip balm (honey and white chocolate…mmm), and she threw in a little slice of Sea Vegetable soap because she’d shown it to me earlier as something I might like and I suspect a little because I had been so good about Buying Things there.

I just took a shower with this stuff and it smells so good.  The shampoo (the round thing in the picture), conditioner, and soap all went really well together because they all had a similar sort of sweet, citrusy scent.  As soon as I used the shampoo I was converted to solid shampoo because it lathered/went on so easily.  I feel like my hair is probably pretty soft right now.  Next time I have an excuse to go to the mall… I think I may stock up on this stuff.

I checked Old Navy for shower flip flips, but they did not have any flips flops.  (Old Navy, I thought this was the one thing for which I could always count on you!)  I also got sucked into the Forever 21 trap with a bunch of bratty tweens who yelled at their mothers in the dressing room and typed furiously on their Sidekicks in line.  I did get two sweaters out of it.

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Yesterday, we were invited by our neighbors to Sycamore Island, a private island down by the canal.  When we moved here, I was about nine.  We’d walk down by the river and the idea of the island, with the little ferry you used to pull yourself across, was highly romanticized in my mind.

Instead of my usual maxi dress (I got two this summer and wear them in rotation – long dresses are perfect because they are modest where I care to be modest and keep my legs warm once I’m in air conditioning), I dressed myself in yoga pants, a purple shirt, Comfortable Sandals, a loose bun and my glasses.  I took out my floral cloth bag and filled it with books and Burt’s Bees (the essentials). The island reminded me of the summer camp in The Parent Trap.  It’s just this absolutely classic little place – a clubhouse with ping pong, pool, and foosball tables plus a dart board, a river to swim in, a zip line, and a place to sit out on the water.  We ate about a thousand chips, with hot dogs and burgers.  It was nice.  My dad called it a 30’s throwback and it did feel like everything you’d expect to be there was there. In the clubhouse there was a trophy (for… a crew type thing?) from 1928.

Today, I woke up a little before 9, took a shower, and did yoga.  Had a breakfast sandwich and a bunch of blueberries.  Going strong without the black tea I was drinking every morning – this is a much better waking-up routine.  Now that my internships are over (and I’ve been having trouble sleeping), I’ve given up caffeine and cut back on sugar and dairy (at least that is the plan.  Trying to give up sugar… ).  After reading for a while, I realized that I had two hopes that went hand in hand: getting more books from the library and walking on the trail.  So I got a great amount of exercise today!  (My preferred exercise = yoga and walking In Nature.) I walked on the trail to the library and filled my backpack to the seams with books.  For a while, I actually hadn’t been that into any of the books I had, and I’m much happier being back in my too many books on the dance floor state.  Besides, since I can’t wait to go back to school, it seems like there’s plenty of time to read them.  I put some books on hold, too – I’m hoping they’ll get to my library in time for me to pick them up before I go to the beach!  I like to think of the beach, of course, as a reading retreat.

I have a lasting shoe crush.

I’ve seen these at a store in Providence and thought they were cute, but they were in yellow which is not a color I wear.  I found them in black and they’re on saaaaaale, but still the sale price is about $75.  I will see if anything happens before the sale ends that will make it easier for me to buy them.  (Surprise gift card, begging my parents, etc… who knows?)  I know there was a time when I thought to myself that I couldn’t understand women who bought tons of shoes (you have sneakers/flip flops/a nice pair, what more do you need?) but when I suggested to my mother that there may have been a era when I took a break from buying shoes, she laughed.



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In sweatpants and the coziest gray sweater ever (I think The Gray Sweater, not just mine but in general, is very important to coziness), watched Autostraddle’s new webseries, Unicorn Plan-It, read Autostraddle and put on The L Word while blasting Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album.  I feel so content.

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