Winter Madness

A good day.

I started out kind of hating my painting, but I got really into it and I’m much happier with it now.

I got home and took a nap at about 3:30. Lately I’ve been really tired but couldn’t give in and take a nap because Evening Naps make me wake up feeling even more tired (terrible).  And if I go to sleep before like, midnight, my body decides it’s an evening nap and wakes up an hour later.  Today, though, I got to sleep early enough and had an interesting dream, then woke up by my roommate’s meowing at the door.  He asked if I wanted to go to Gourmet Heaven for dinner, which I always do.  So we got some tasty food to bring back from the hot food buffet, had dinner at the apartment, and watched 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation together.  I have been anticipating the return of 30 Rock for so long!

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