Winter break

Enjoying the falling snow situation in the background of WordPress, since I doubt I’m going to see any here for Christmas.

I couldn’t fall asleep until after 4:30 last night and had just about resigned myself to pulling an all-nighter (no work, of course, just insomnia and a copy of Times Two: Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made) when I guess I took another “just lie down and at least act like you’re trying to sleep” break and it worked.  I woke up around noon, and around three went to babysit.  We spent practically the whole time drawing – I just can’t escape it, can I? Not bad, though.

I was really excited because it looked like I was going to be involved in a book proposal – like a graphic novel – in which I would illustrate the story of a lesbian couple who decides to have a baby.  (I would go through pregnancy and birth.)  However, thanks to the lovely support of my dear friend (“You can’t draw figures”) and family (oh don’t even make me get into it), I haven’t gotten back to the author about it again.  I mean… I would do it over the break… but I can’t draw figures, can I?  I can’t! And my only opportunity to take Artistic Anatomy is in the spring, at the end of college!  Surely it will be helpful after I graduate but in the meantime, I have maybe 1% confidence in my ability to create and draw characters from my imagination.  It’s too bad, because this really is something I would love to work on.

So I have been home for a few days now, catching up on sleep.  The first night, I was really tired and managed to sleep from 11 to 11.  After that, it started getting harder to fall asleep at night, and I’d wake up at noon or 1.  I was kind of in a food coma and went to bed at about 8 pm because I was so tired and ready to curl up under the covers, but my sister was literally nonstop yelling at me from the next room to bring her water, and then from downstairs our dad yelled for us to come down and put away the I Love You, Man DVD, which really was only a journey of about five inches between the DVD player and the case so I think he could have done it, but after all this I was clearly getting no rest so I went downstairs to put away the DVD and get my sister water.  Of course, once I’m downstairs, she comes down too, laughing maniacally.  I stayed downstairs to watch Christmas in Connecticut with my family, which I enjoyed a lot more than I’d expected. And now it’s after 1 AM and I’m still awake.

I’m also worried that I’m getting sick from my mom, which would be annoying because apart from the fact that This Is My Break, I Have Things To Do, etc etc, I’ve been sick about a thousand times since I went back to school and I am OVER it.  I’d really like to stock up on herbal tea tomorrow – it might keep my throat from going into sick territory, and it helps to keep me warm.  The only herbal tea in the cabinet here is a Celestial Seasonings fruit tea sampler (the game where I try to guess which is the least gross)At school, I have all this herbal tea for different needs: throat comfort, stomach ease, sleep, de-stress…. plus lemon and ginger tea, lemon tea with Vitamin C added, peppermint tea, peach tea, and blueberry tea (the last two I got to make an assortment to bring into class, because I needed normal fruity flavors and not just stuff for my health).  Oh, and I had a little bit of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride too (the box of that is here at home).

I’ve been drinking so much tea to stay warm at home, and I’ve also been having trouble sleeping, so I’d like to get some more Tazo Rest tea, plus some mint tea and maybe lemon tea.  Those are my basics.

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