Last night was …

Last night was indulgent for me.  Chris called it “hedonistic,” and while I think that may be going too far I told him I’d take it.  I got home from the Queer Representations dinner and took a long hot shower, then watched 90210 while I moisturized with my favorite cocoa butter lotion.  I moved from my bed to the couch and had a snack while I read Dan Savage’s book.  I started off with cheese and wasabi crackers but moved on to the Pepperidge Farm cookie set, which I hadn’t really taken advantage of yet.  You have to understand my mindset – being in a hot shower for that long tires me out, so I was just lolling around on the couch in a kimono, delightfully picking out which variety of chocolate-filled cookie I was going to take from the box next.  Then I painted my nails, so I really couldn’t do anything or else the nail polish would get messed up.  

I had a couple very stressful days of finals (well… plus the weekend before those stressful days), but other than that I’ve been pretty chill about it.  At this point, I only have to get things together and fix what I need to for final reviews.  Oh, and there’s that Latin exam.  But nothing involves thinking up and crafting an entire new art project, so this coming week will be a breeze!  And then I’ll get to go home and have Christmas with my family. 

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