Oh, Thanksgiving break.  That time that would be a perfect opportunity to get work done, if only it were meant to be used as such.  No.  It is a time for seeing your beloved family and hometown again, being in weather that is consistently 10 degrees warmer even if I’m still cold in the “holiday season,” and producing & consuming lavish yet “homey” meals.  Obviously my school’s appreciation (to put it lightly) for dedication and craftsmanship was still with me – I’m just glad I stopped before making a third new pie crust in order to have perfect presentation.

The train ride went by faster than ever before – meaning, this time I was not clawing at the windows in boredom.  I had internet access but I barely even used it and could have gotten by without it.  I was reading a lesbian memoir and probably could have finished it by now if I put my mind to it.  I chose it because it’s about a woman who decides to have a child with her partner, and while She Looks Just Like You inspired the search for books like this, You’re Not From Around Here is very different.  I didn’t realize how long ago it was written: while published in 2001, it’s set (I believe) in the early 1990s.  Judging by the two books, I’d say a lot has changed for gay parents since the 1990s. I kind of just want a current perspective, but I’m not sure where to find more of that.

My family actually drove to the library after picking me up.  If only I had put those books on hold sooner! – but I did pick up Rupert Everett’s autobiography, which was on display in the New Books section.  I have so many gay/lesbian memoirs on my schedule right now!

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