I’ve had a complicated relationship with sleep lately.  I’ve been going to bed really late and waking up early, which I hate.  Last night I went to bed early and woke up late, which is the best (though there was a 2.5 hour awake period in there).  Tonight I’m having the coziest time lying in bed watching Parks and Recreation.  I kind of want to spend more time with other human beings in real life and not just on chat but at the same time, there are the problems of “who would even be awake” and “I want to stay in bed.”

I should probably go to sleep soon, but I’m enjoying this cozy feeling, and I don’t want to remove my eye makeup just yet.  Lately I’ve been enjoying my MAC “Indianwood” paint pot with (I guess it is) gel eye liner and mascara.  

If only I could just go to sleep like this and wake up tomorrow with it still on… but that would be bad for me.  Actually I think I may be getting inspired by Adele’s look, though I have not seen much of her, just listened to “Someone Like You” a million times.  I was very tempted to buy the Cosmopolitan with her on the cover but I was like, “I don’t need tips for having sex with men, so this magazine is not relevant to my interests.” Oh, also, I think this is the magazine that asked why more women were kissing other women and didn’t use the word “lesbian” a single time in the article.

I have a lot of things that I want to be blogging about but I think that it is too late right now and that I should try to sleep.  However, I would like to note… I finally got The Shoes.

They’re a little big because I ordered half a size up, as many reviews suggested.  Also, that size was on sale but my regular size was not, which is odd but whatever, they are in my possession now and I will put in whatever inserts I have to.

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