This morning, after eating breakfast to 30 Rock, I shut off my computer and read until a little after 4 pm.  I walked to the library yesterday, and today I finished two of the books I got.  I pulled out a few – Candy Girl (Diablo Cody’s memoir about being a stripper), Brokeback Mountain, and More Tales of the City.  I picked out Candy Girl (I’m so ready to read about women again after so many books about gay men) first, couldn’t put it down, and then moved on to Brokeback Mountain which is, of course, only 55 pages.  Now I’ve started More Tales of the City.

I’m technically still in the middle of The Swimming-Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst, but I own that one and it’s not such a fast read as I’d like right now.  I think the Tales of the City books will be a good series to read before bed – I need something a little light for that time.

I just looked up Michel Faber, the author of The Crimson Petal and the White, and found out that he wrote a new book of short stories about the same characters…. years ago, but I guess I didn’t know about it because it hasn’t been available in the US and won’t be until September 1st.  I ordered it from Amazon immediately, of course.  What a nice surprise!

I was excited to find Burlesque for free on-demand, so I watched that tonight.  I’ve actually been waiting for that (and Nine, of course) to show up.  It is just my kind of movie, but it wasn’t that great.  I’m not so much of a Christina fan.  It was fun, though. The other night, I watched Coco Before Chanel and An Education (which were on back-to-back).  I was so tired but couldn’t go to sleep until they were over!

And, yes, it is tiring to work 5 days a week over the summer, but this is a good thing because I’m keeping a better sleep schedule for once and I’m keeping busy.  I’m glad to have something to do that keeps me out of the house for a good period of time, and I actually really like both of my internships.

I picked up my glasses on Friday – I can watch movies without getting irritated, again! – and now they are putting prescription lenses into a pair of sunglasses I got from Anthropologie, so I’ll have cute prescription sunglasses.  Exciting!  I’ve never had prescription sunglasses before, but they will be useful for driving in the bright sun (still learning).

The new glasses

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  1. I so need to get back to reading! Very cool glasses 🙂

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