I have been looking forward to today for a while now, not just because it’s Friday and the weekend was starting for me… but also because today was my appointment with the eye doctor, meaning I got to pick out new glasses!

I knew that this would be a difficult task.  I’m pretty indecisive, and glasses are a) expensive, b) going to be on my face a lot, c) really hard to put on for the first time and think, “Yeah, I look great wearing these glasses.”

While I waited for my appointment, I looked around the store.  There was one pair (in two colors) that I liked the best.  It had the sort of vintage-y look I wanted and there were RHINESTONES on the top corners.  As a child, I would get excited about American Girl catalogues, and I believe I remember some sort of 1950’s “Sock Hop” costume that included a poodle skirt and cat eye glasses.  Now, these ones are not super cat eye shaped and the rhinestones are classier, but, oh, nostalgia.  At first I kept trying to make the dark red color work, and people working at the store would say that they didn’t look bad, but they were a little big and the smaller pair looked better.  Here is the problem, though: the smaller pair did not have rhinestones.  Without rhinestones, they were just ordinary glasses and hardly femme at all.  Eventually, I tried on the rhinestone glasses in the other color, black (with some dark tortoiseshell on the inside).  I thought they’d be too dark, but I actually liked them better than the red, and my sister liked them better than any other pair I’d tried on.  (My sister has a history of being picky about things I wear, so I trusted her judgement.  We are at a point now where we both want to steal each other’s clothes.)  So after a grueling two hours (for my mom and sister), we ordered the black glasses with the rhinestones.  I will get them in a week or less.  I’m excited to get them!  I tried to find a picture of them online, but it’s really tricky, and you have to log on to the part of the designer’s website with pictures of their frames, which is really weird.

I was looking at Fit for a Femme and in one picture she was wearing this beautiful dress, and she said where it was from so I found it and it’s totally cheap too, BUT it is not available in my size!!!  So disappointing.  Also disappointing:  I got the Etsy dress I ordered in the mail and it’s actually too big and much darker (=less colorful) than it looked in the photo.  I’m hoping I can have it altered to fit me so this wasn’t a waste.


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3 Responses to

  1. R says:

    Molly is wearing the rhinestones glasses RIGHT NOW. (As she has been for probably 9 years, as the others broke early on.)

  2. R says:

    Also, I may be able to alter your dress?
    (ie, an excuse to hang out?)

    • We should definitely hang out (I missed your call yesterday, ee). We just took the dress to someone who said it would be too expensive to alter because it is too big all over …. so maybe it would be too difficult, although if you could do it, that would be awesome, because returning this would be complicated.

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